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I practice jewelry making in contemporary crafts context. My artistic interventions are to create wearable art pieces that convey a contemporary thought. I like using natural compositions to highlight thoughts, ideas, and concepts. The jewel, as a decorative accessory, has connotations of beauty referring to traditional and historical canons of crafts and feminine milieu. I transform shapes that are not necessarily considered beautiful into aesthetically desirable objects. I work on the types of veiled beauty that surround us to reveal their harmony within their simplicity.

My jewelry are all hand-made. I like to leave the possibility of interpretation; a possibility that the hint of extreme abstraction in my creations may inspire. I have a contemporary approach to jewelry, both in terms of the forms as well as the concepts that go with the theme of my projects. This approach of mine is manifested in the use of new techniques and unusual materials in jewelry. My favorite metals are mainly sterling silver and gold; the noble metals that, with their high quality for men and women and as a means of no-limits expression, are perfect for my exclusive designs. I design and make jewelry to create real, tangible ideas, yet I also question myself strongly through my pieces and I provoke people to do so as well.

Along with my exploration and creation, I also find it exciting to do custom-ordered jobs such as making wedding rings or restoring and transforming old jewelry to give them a new life.

My knowledge and experience also enable me to repair or modify jewelry; resize rings and to do jobs such as polishing, cleaning, repairing broken chains, or changing clasps, to name but a few.

I also collaborate with other established companies for their productions as a subcontractor.

Please o not hesitate to contact for further information.


Rings made for private commission